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Fish Headz is a Professional Charter Fishing operation providing TOP-NOTCH fishing experiences on the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair river fishing for Bass, Muskie, Walleye and Sturgeon. Having over 40 years of experience fishing on Lake St. Clair, we have an advanced understanding of this world class fishery and its seasonal patterns that enable us to consistently put our customers on fish! We work hard to meet our customers expectations and ensure that we do everything possible to make sure you are fishing productively!

Fish Headz also offers the most experienced and knowledgeable duck hunting guide service on Lake St. Clair.

LAKE ST. CLAIR, Detroit & ST. CLAIR RiverS

Lake St. Clair and its connecting river systems are no doubt a world class fishery for an abundance of fish species. The vital link between two major great lakes, Lake St. Clair produces some of the best trophy class fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye and muskie in the country. After all, there are few places that you can catch all of these species on one lake, in abundance and with chances at trophy class fish each outing. Whether its, casting, drifting, jigging or trolling we will have our customers on the most productive bite going!

Trophy walleye charters

As it is, we some 4-10 million walleyes that migrate through the Detroit river in spring as they travel mostly from Lake Erie and the Maumee river after the spawn. This incredible fishery has exploded over the years which has been responsible for the awesome catches we are experiencing. Vertical jigging has to be one of the most exciting method to fish walleyes. The perfectly matched rod and reel combos we use make for a great fight when looking at fish that average 2-4lbs but very common to see 6-8lbs on any given day. For trophy walleyes pushing the 10lbs mark and up, we target the early part of spring to zero in on some of the biggest walleyes our customers have every caught!



Having grown up on the St. Clair Flats with over 30 years experience hunting and fishing the region, Captain Joel knows where to fish and when. Joel is a hardcore outdoorsman who is at it year round.



Fully Guided Layout Hunts
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